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MyBatik Workshop & Green Tomato Cafe

February 24, 2017
batik workshop
If you are looking for somewhere to spend half of the day, I suggest a place of mini workshops (20 mins to 90 mins) and home-cooked style brunch, while sipping coffee in a 40,000 square feet garden within the proximity of Kuala Lumpur.
Located at Persiaran Ritchie, MyBatik and Green Tomato Cafe share the same premises with Yayasan Seni. MyBatik offers various workshops which divided mainly into two different techniques of block printing (wax stamping) and canting; from a short 40 mins batik coloring on a piece of small fabric with pre-waxed pattern (RM53), to 90 mins batik hands-on wax stamping (block printing) and coloring on green bag/T-shirt(RM127.20) or 90 mins batik canting and coloring on scarf (RM127.20).
Emilia the owner was kind enough to let us experience the batik wax stamping which is an important step that act as an outline. It was not easy at all with only one chance to get it right; too much molten wax can blur the details while the lack of it leads to color leaking out/ blend with other parts.
Then, we were given the primary colors of blue, red and yellow, some brushes, a white card and some water to begin with. The white card was for anyone to mix and match the given primary colors to create more colors of their choice, in my case, the colors of rainbow.
Once we are done with the coloring, the staff used the hair dryer to ensure it is dry throughout before soaking the t-shirt / bag into sodium silicate. Then, it was being leave on for up to five hours. After that, we removed the wax by putting the fabric inside a boiling water with soda ash powder. For the final steps, the fabric was being transferred into clean water to dissolve the wax and hang to dry without direct sunlight.
By the end of the workshop, I got myself a bag of my own batik creation as well as a certificate.
After the batik workshop, we head on to Green Tomato Cafe for a simple coffee latte art workshop (RM47.70/pax for 2 cups). Emilia herself performed the milk frothing and steaming demo while teaching us how to create floral patterns using a small wooden pick.
In addition to that, the cafe also offers various food and beverage workshops like Danish baking workshop, tea tarik making workshop,nyonya curry chicken workshop, nasi lemak cooking workshop, pizza baking workshop and muffin baking workshop. Perfect for parents who look forward to a hands-on day with their kids, as well as foreigners that would like to experience the making of our local delicacies.
Group booking is also available from a minimum of 35 pax with discounted rates.
For those who would just like to drop by for a quick lunch, Green Tomato Cafe has an all day breakfast menu along with pastries and desserts. We had Egg Benedicts (RM19), poached eggs with chicken ham on homemade multigrain toast paired with garden salad and baked potato. Enjoy the glorify moment of egg yolk oozing out!
The Wild Mushroom Soup (RM12) is rather unique here with the addition of enoki mushrooms.
Desserts please? A slice of homemade Oreo Cheesecake (RM10) and freshly baked Blueberry Muffin (RM5) ended the meal on a right note without the fear of sugar overload.
Lastly, a pot of Bradley’s Green Tea Jasmine (RM10) in the midst of a calming garden.

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MyBatik Workshop & Tomato Cafe @ Yayasan Seni
Address : 333, Persiaran Ritchie, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur .
Contact : 012-257 9775
Hours : Daily 8AM – 5PM