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Unique Stay : Train Car by Riverside, Nikko

October 12, 2016
Nikko Japan
Being fans to unique accommodation and charming interiors, Jason and I always look around for the special place to stay without burning a hole in our wallets. For this round, an used Japanese National Railways 日本国有鉄道 train car by the picturesque riverside at Nikko, Japan.
Our itinerary for Nikko was fairly simple. Lake Chuzenji 中禅寺湖 on the day we arrived, whereas Grand Autumn Festival Shuki Taisai 秋季大祭 and Tōshōgū Shrine 東照宮 on the next day.In between, we stayed in the train car listed in Airbnb by Scout.
Prior to our arrival we contacted Scout to arrange on the complimentary shuttle services to and fro Nikko town. He picked us up along with several guests and we headed straight to the house. There are two sections of the house; the main hostel building and the train car.
The train car could easily fit 4 guests with a traditional Japanese low table in between. Lucky for us, we booked only half the train car but get to own the whole place as the other pair did not show up.It was about 9pm in the evening, relatively dark as the sun set at around 5.30pm and all we could ever experience (before we could take a good look at the train car) was the chilly weather. The thought of going to the segregated bathroom on a ten-ish degree Celsius weather outdoor made us think twice before we drink any water.

On the next morning,sun shone through the two large sliding glass-doors opposite each other and that was when we truly see the beauty of this place. Breathe in fresh air and listen to the sound of running water while being surrounded by spectacular trees and mountains.The river was so clear and blue we could see the pebbles underneath.Meanwhile at the main hostel building, Scout prepared some hearty Western breakfasts for us; pancakes, bacon, scramble egg, fruit, Vitagen, choice of tea or coffee.
We would highly recommend Scout’s place (be it hostel or train car) for Summer where you can swim in the crystal clear river (swimming tubes, snorkels and goggles are free to use) or Spring where you can experience this place in a more breathtaking setting among 250 cherry trees.For those who would like to go for a hiking trail nearby, talk to Scout the night before your big day, I am sure he would be glad to help with the planning.

  • Ahh, what a cute little place to stay!