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Food for Life – Danish Green and Natural

June 22, 2016
According to the official website of Denmark, their breakfast and lunch usually consist of cold meals and usually have hot meals during the evening for dinner.

Just like us, they usually have coffee or tea and jam on bread for breakfast. Milk and cereals are popular with the young ones too.

For lunch time, those who packed food from home consisting of slices of rye bread buttered and covered with for instance various kinds of sausage, sliced boiled egg or liver paste, a baked mixture of chopped pig’s liver and lard of a spreadable consistency. 

 Here in the function, we get to taste some of their spreadable food which consists of fish products. One of the fish products is really similar to our own canned sardines! By similar I mean the taste and texture.

A variety of jam manufactured by a Danish company was available for testing too.

Denmark is also famous for their baked goods such as cakes and sweets. Although there weren’t any Danish pastries served, there were some Danish butter cookies served alongside some variety of chocolates which melts in your mouth.

The day would not be complete without the sampling of their famous cheese. While the traditional, commonly eaten cheese in Denmark is mild, there are also stronger cheeses associated with Danish cuisine. That being said, four different kind of cheese were served with their taste from mild to strong, so everyone could sample them. 

 One of the highlights of the function was the cooking presentation by a Danish chef. The dish prepared was a simple but yet delicious bowl of salad. Some of the ingredients used were a variety of bean sprouts, commonly found on farms in Denmark. Four (4) different kinds of cabbage sprouts were also used. It also has a dash of green sauce which consists of parsley and chives, just to name a few, which were blended together. And last but not least, a creamy salad dressing which was prepared in advance with mussel broth, cheese, cream and butter.
Photo by Cheryl Chan
Word by Jee Hong