LumiAir: A Cirque Sensation

December 9, 2014
Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and welcome to the world of LumiAir: of colour, magic, fascinating characters and oh, a prince charming. 
Like every fairy tales, the story wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful young girl. Through the perspective of Diamond, follow her trails as she encounters with the evil Arc Angel, Ruler of the Dark, along with its loyal followers, the Ravagers in leaps and bounds, grabbing anything in their path. At her lowest point, a single beam of light transported her to LumiAir, where she begins the journey by learning lessons and skills from everyone she meets along the way.
Upon discovering Diamond the new newcomer, The Herald sings to welcome and announce her arrival through hypnotic opera voice. It leads to traditional celebration with those close by turn out to greet Diamond
Known by the names of TrivoShaco and Jollo, these 3 mischievous, energy filled Jesters brought laughter not only to Diamond, but all of the audience as they shake their round furry butt while fighting for a chair. 
Some of the others like The Monarch, who teach Diamond everything about sensuality and femininity in acrobatic movement, Guardian Angels, 3 divine aerial creatures, and Sovereign, who soars above the clouds with grace.
Lastly, Prince of LumiAir, who is burdened with the task of controlling the Wheel, a giant and dangerous machine that provides power to his kingdom. Watch as he attempts several heart skipping stunts like reverse walking outside the rim, on jump rope, or even cover his own sight in black cloth right up in the air.
As another highlight for the night and exclusively for Gala Premiere audience, J.J. Fernandez, famous DJ from red.fm walked in the Wheel for the very first time.
LumiAir is definitely the show to watch for this festive season; stunning aerial performances, humorous Jesters, singing Herald as well as thrilling acts on the Wheel. 
Catch it on every Tuesday to Sunday from 29th November to 24th December at 7.30pm. Ticket prices available from RM90 for children and RM110 for adults (inclusive of snack and bottled water). 
Book your tickets now at www.airasiaredtix.com. For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at www.sunwaylagoon.com.