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The Yard Boutique Hotel

April 13, 2014
Strategically tucked between the famous Jalan
Alor and Tengkat Tong Shin, The Yard Boutique Hotel is the place when it comes to serenity within bustling area. Access to
The Yard is rather convenient by public transport (Monorail Bukit Bintang) then
follow by another 10 minute walk. Drivers, on the other hand, have to bear with
the traffic jam but rest assured that there will be parking spaces at
outdoor carpark just next to and about double the size of The Yard.
It is a totally different world upon stepping in; the colonial tiles beneath, long tiled benches on the side, illuminated tealight lanterns hanging on the tree, white cast iron outdoor benches along with tables on wooden platform…and the spacious courtyard.   
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
jalan alor hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The interior design of deluxe double room (about RM180 after tax) was amazing; the high ceiling hence good ventilation, bare concrete floor and
walls, a work desk with chair, LCD TV mounted on the wall, semi-open shelf for
closet & safe box that is also acting as a divider to separate wash basin
area, transparent sliding door with blinds on the other side for rain shower
and a toilet.  
Despite the great
design, the cleanliness of the floor was disappointing as if we barefooted
outdoor. Paper slippers provided had just become one of the essentials.
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
bukit bintang hotel
This seemingly leisure moment of reading
while enjoying a cup of hot Lipton tea in the courtyard came only after solving
the mystery of missing kettle in our room. Perhaps it was due to safety or
hygienic issue that no kettle provided hence we had to get hot water from water
dispenser at the lobby. Luckily I only needed 1 cup.
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
Whenever we enter the room, we had to play
this game called “who shuts the door faster”. It was pretty interesting as we
were competing against the amount of mosquitos that somehow, would successfully
enter our fort. Tracking and slapping those victory mosquitos with our bare
hands would be the price to pay. I saw hi-tech mosquito repellent system, I saw
mosquito repellent vaporizer and it seems that they have tried everything they
could to deter those mosquitoes but sadly, it did not work well.
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
The Yard Boutique Hotel
All in all, the location was strategic with
access to eateries, pubs and shopping area but it was also concealed in the
dimly-lighted smelly back alley of rats hence it is strongly recommended to
walk with companion. Some complained that it was noisy but I have experienced
none so far. Mosquitos too, would be an issue for some. Still, The Yard is the
place to fall for interior design enthusiast and landscape lover. Trust me, we
have fallen twice!
Lot 623 (No.51D)
Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 
(Behind Alpha
Genesis Hotel)

Telephone: +6 03 2141 1017
FAX: +6 03 2141 1079
  • The hotel itself is charming but the interior of the room is just so so~~

  • Ah my bf loves interior of raw and texture so it's spot on for him.
    Their concept of having a courtyard in the middle of the city is very good, as opposed to what others would do to maximize number of rooms given the same piece of land.

  • Mosquito? Did u subtly say that there's many mosquito? hahaha
    I'll skip then.. That tiny creature is my biggest enemy!

  • Oops I did.
    And yes, lots of them! xD

  • actually it feels like melacca in the middle of KL! hahah thnks fr sharing! always wanted to see clearer photos of this place.

  • True! 😀 Thanks for dropping by!

  • Looks pretty comfy… but mosquito huh… maybe not, LOL! Anyway, Happy Easter!

  • Happy Easter to you too! 😀

  • 这家精品酒店是我列入出嫁的地方之一,但周围环境太复杂了,最后只好作罢 ;p

  • 哈哈,果然都是喜欢这种住宿的。 xD

  • Love the fact that tourism is such a big industry here. It's really nice to see that many boutique hotels are popping up all over the country 😉