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Lee Garden Plaza Hotel Sky Buffet for 169 Baht!

November 15, 2013
A 180 degree night view at 33rd floor would mostprobably come in fine dining restaurant along with
its dimmed and romantic ambience hence the very expensive price tag.
Here at Hat Yai, Lee Garden Plaza Hotel did it differently.
 They still keep the best part which is the night view for you, but to make it affordable to public,
they throw in simple furniture and make it into a self-service eat-all-you-can Sky Buffet for only 169 baht.
It has garnered lots of fans and earned them a good reputation which made Sky Buffet a must try in Hat Yai.
To begin with, we went through the security check at Lee
Garden Plaza (if you haven’t known, Lee Garden Plaza Hotel is on top of Lee
Garden Plaza) then pressed the lift to 10th floor, the main lobby followed
by another lift transit to 33rd floor.   
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
When the lift door opened, a lady staff greeted us in Wai
(Thai greeting); the slight bow with her palms pressed together and asked if we
were there for the sky buffet. The price goes according to height: 169 baht for
120cm and above, 89 baht for 100-119cm while it is complimentary for those
below 100cm.
It was divided into 2 sections upon entering: on the left
side were the spread corner and some seats while on the right was a raised floor
with few steps and the breathtaking night view.
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Chinese Herbal Soup of Chicken Drumstick & Wolfberry
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Fish Maw Soup
Came in thick broth and generous amount of fish maw, it was
believed to be the most expensive thus value-for-money dish among the spread.
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Seafood Tom Yam Soup of Squids, Prawns & Oyster Mushroom
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Fish Fillets in Ginger & Scallion, Green Curry Chicken
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Deep Fried Thai Fish Cakes & Chicken Drumsticks
As you can observe, the food in general were of Chinese
style dishes including some that were not in this post such as roasted duck,
braised Chinese cabbage with mushrooms, braised Japanese tofu and so on. There
was also a fruit and salad bar for those who crave for a lighter meal.
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
Longan Dessert with Jelly
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
And we ended this satisfying meal with one last happy note:
the ice-cream.
Hat Yai Sky Buffet
To be honest, the food wasn’t that impressive, but having buffet
with great night view overlooking the city of Hat Yai in its tallest building
for only 169 baht does sound like a great deal to me.
Sky Buffet @Lee Garden Plaza Hotel
29 Prachatipat Road, Hadyai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand
Operating time
Lunch: 11am-2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm-9.30pm