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Hat Yai McDonald’s & Street Food

November 13, 2013
While some would rather not spend their
food “quota” during travelling on fast food restaurants thinking that the menu
and food would be alike as their home country, I on the other hand, like to
explore them instead. One thing I can assure you is that their menu is not 100%
identical in every country. McDonald’s Japan has bacon potato pie & prawn
fillet while McDonald’s Thailand offers Samurai Pork Burger which can’t be
found at McDonald’s Malaysia due to its halal nature.
We went to McDonald’s Hat Yai that situated
on ground floor of Lee Garden Plaza which we had to go through the security
check before entering. It has been heavily guarded ever since the bombing
incident that took place on 31st March 2012 which involved the death
of 4 and injuries of 146 people. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why we
would not book Lee Garden Hotel despite its central location.


Ever since the insurgency, McDonald’s at
Lee Garden Plaza reopened again in improved design incorporating McCafe and small
area with power outlets. Its edgy design of plank flooring along with striking chairs
of pink, orange and green did make us go wow for a second.


Apple pie is the most common pie in
McDonald’s Malaysia while banana pie, taro pie, blueberry pie and so on come
occasionally as guest.  Here at Hat Yai,
I have corn pie, pineapple pie and spinach pie (red).


Crispy bites of golden fried outer layer
with fillings of spinach, corn and carrot in creamy sauce. If I were to put it
in another way, it would be creamy soup in a pie. Other than the bacon &potato pie I’ve had at Japan, this is the second savory pie I’ve ever come
across and I couldn’t help but to buy another one for 29 baht each.

Corn and pineapple pie on the other hand
didn’t leave such a deep impression to me but I guess the joyful expression
from my dear Jason would be enough to convince others of McDonald’s slogan “I’m
lovin it”.


Though pork itself is not being served as a
common dish in Malaysia, the land of halal, we still managed to get our
cravings fixed at some non-halal restaurants. Being said that, getting a
non-halal burger at McDonald’s thrills the Malaysian in me and journey to
Thailand wouldn’t be complete without the much awaited Samurai Pork Burger. 

Similar to McChicken in its simple burger structure of sesame bun, pork patty, mayo, lettuce and being served in Teriyaki sauce, it didn’t taste as porky as what I would have expected. I am no blind believer that whatever came disguised as pork must be good and the fact that it came in thin patty just upset me.


We thought we could use a photo together
given the ample sunlight condition because as any other photographer, I always
keep myself behind the lens. Taking self-portrait without flip screen on almost
1kg weight of DSLR (d7000 and tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens) was not easy at all but
Jason nailed it in one single shot. It must be the long and strong arm.


Having filled our stomachs, we took a
stroll around that area. No specific itinerary as Hat Yai is a small town and
we hoped to enjoy its slow pace.

I saw these cute little pineapples and
asked the hawker for price. To my surprise, he as an authentic Thai answered
“sa liap jit bak, jit liap si sip” in perfect Hokkien which means 3 for 100
baht, 1 for 40 baht.  Indeed, due to Hat
Yai close proximity to Malaysia, they were very much influenced by our Chinese
culture which can be seen from the well-versed Hokkien and Chinese cuisines
such as dim sum and suckling pig. There are also a lot of Muslims here so
finding a halal meal is not such a hassle. 

We had this condiment that came with the
pineapple which is spicy with chili flakes, a rather uncommon taste to go with

Coconut is another must have in Thailand and
I would always choose this over the other. Cost me 30 baht if I remember

Dried cuttlefish is a common street food in
Hat Yai where it was fixed using clips and displayed in rows. It will then grill
over charcoal fire upon request.

This palm-sized big prawn or what we called
Udang Galah can go for 100-200 baht each depending on the stalls and your
negotiation power. 
was so tempted to try this upon looking at its fiery red crispy shell and how
it must be a mouthful one judging from the size but Jason made a point which I
can’t deny: No flies at all on these stalls with big prawns. Something just
doesn’t seem right when there are no flies coming after the street food as if
they were avoiding it and no, it wasn’t the measure taken from these stalls
that cast the flies away.  We
decided that the prawn might not be as great anyway given its
expensive pricing so we skipped this for good.

That’s all for now and my next post would
be on Lee Garden Hotel Plaza Sky Buffet: Eat-all-you-can on 33rd floor facing
excellent Hat Yai night view for only 169 baht!

  • Their McD outlet look so much nicer than ours. Haven't get to try their pork burger yet. Nice photos as always 🙂

  • Imagine sitting at McDonald with power outlets and keep getting refillable drink! I can spend my whole day there 😛 Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  • Christine Choy

    MCD Pork burger is a must have in hatyai! I want to have a McCoffee and sitting beside the window but my fren stop me, haha.
    Looking forward for the next post! a lot people recommend me to go for the buffet but we didn't. Aiya, seems regret now =(

  • Aiks? That's too bad, it's like the best view to enjoy your coffee.
    Haha. It seems that I got you on suspense 😛 Most probably will be out on Friday. 🙂

  • Now I'm kicking myself for not getting the spinach pie when I was in Bangkok. Btw this post brings so much memories because I loved Hat Yai. I also remember that particular prawn stall 😉

  • Oh right! But I'm sure you've had a lot of other good food in Bangkok! 🙂
    We can always make another weekend trip to Hat Yai, it's not that far. 😛

  • oh my, look at the big prawn!! I miss Thai street food neh~~

  • Have you tried it before? 😛
    Haha, and you're not the only one that misses Thai street food here.

  • Foodeverywhere

    OMG savoury pie!! I've not tried one….I'm like you too. I love checking out other Mcds as well! ^^

  • Yay! I knew I was not alone! So which other McDs did you visit and what do they offer?

  • Choi Yen

    The savory pie looks so nice and why I didn't try it when I was there *slap forehead*

  • Haha I'm sure there'll always be another trip to Thailand for you 😛

  • Eunice

    Loveeeee your pichassss .. as always!! Btw, do you use the same lens for all the picture you took above? 😉
    Do you use flash ? Dem sharp la yr pics. . <3 <3

  • Thank you! Yeap, all taken using Tamron 17-50mm f2.8. I usually bring one lens only and no flash whenever I go travel. Maybe it's the f2.8 that makes the photos seemed sharper. xD

  • Foodeverywhere

    Recent ones was the spaghetti in Manila. It was really weird but still a great experience. And I have always like the macaroni in HongKong.