Afternoon Tea @TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, Pavilion KL (Second Visit)

October 23, 2013
Believe me, I have tried not to feature the same restaurant that
has been published earlier on in ensuring the variety in posts but my
experiences at TWG Tea were so wonderful it broke my principle. Indeed, Agnes
and I returned to TWG again for the second time upon agreeing on the best and
rather affordable afternoon tea we’ve had so far.
Surrounded by luxurious brands like Prada and Chopard, I
couldn’t help but to feel atas (high class in Singlish) for 3 hours. We managed to have some private chats despite the unbelievably close proximity  to the next table.  
TWG Tea pavilion
And how often do you get to drink from 18k gold-plated
teapot? Minor scratches have been found compared to my previous visit
but it doesn’t affect the reflecting shiny golden surface that seemed to be
popular among their patrons for self-portraits.
twg kl
The two of us used to order the Fortune Tea Set which
included TWG Tea Croque Imperial, 2 baked scones/muffins or 1 patisserie, 3
macarons of our choice and 1 TWG tea for RM55++ where 2 cups were served for 1 pot
of tea (non-refillable).  Unfortunately
TWG has changed to meet most of the hotels afternoon tea standard where 1 person
has to order at least 1 pot of tea. Therefore on top of the Fortune Tea Set we
have added another tea for RM18, making wonderful white and black teapot pairing
of Earl Grey and Pink Flamingo. They have an amazing service of tea sampling in
case you’re drowning in the sea of their comprehensive tea options.
TWG Tea pavilion kl
TWG Tea Croque Imperial
How can I ever complain on the generous amount of salmon
slices sandwiched between warm toasted bread with Gruyère cheese, while green
salad with house vinaigrette tucked in the middle of these 3 heavenly pieces and
finally embellished with striking red cherry tomato?
TWG Tea pavilion
TWG Tea Malaysia
Sakura Cake
This was chosen as the choice of our patisserie from their
trolley where its appearance contributed mainly to the decision. Another lesson
learnt of not judging by its cover.
twg kl
twg kl
Moroccan Mint Tea, Earl Grey & Chocolate and Lemon Bush
were our choices of macarons. Consistency is my word for food review and
TWG has maintained its high benchmark.  
TWG macaron is a must-try and it has a total of 8
tea-infused flavors which are Bain de Rose Tea, Grand Wedding Tea, Passion
Fruit & Coconut
, Napolean Tea & Caramel, Camelot Tea & Praline, 1837
Black Tea and Blackcurrant
other than the 3 that we had chosen.  It comes in an affordable price of RM4 each.
twg malaysia
twg tea malaysia
TWG Tea Malaysia
Scones with Clotted Cream and Tea Jelly
I will never look at those ordinary jams anymore as this tea
jelly has spoiled me in its signature 1837 black tea infused jam with notes of
fruits and flowers.  Delighted to see
generous portion of clotted cream and tea jelly, I didn’t have to be
calculative on the amount of spread on these raisin scones.  The temperature difference between chilled
clotted cream and tea jelly against warm raisin scones managed to excite my
taste bud and elevated the gastronomic experience.
This extra order of scones (RM13.50) was made separately but
the bill came to us as 1837 Tea Set (RM26.50) that combined these 2 scones and
the pot of Pink Flamingo (RM18) I’ve ordered earlier. A saving of RM5 might not
be much but I am very pleased with the service and initiative TWG has shown us.
twg tea kl
Absolutely. As always.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 
Level 2, Lot P2.16.00 & 2.34.01 168, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur 

03-2142 9922 
10am-10pm daily
(Afternoon tea from 2pm-6pm daily)