Sunday Brunch @Thirty8, Grand Hyatt

September 11, 2013
While others wrote about breakfast selections and even come up with a list of breakfast hot spots, you can barely see it here. With a full time job during the day, photos editing during the night, and also occasional wedding jobs / florist assistant scope during weekends (and I’m not complaining about all the opportunities) , I just tend to appreciate every possible hour of getting up late. In fact, I consider waking up naturally is the simplest form of blessing one could possibly have. 
Still, breakfast is vital for the body and its benefits have been proven in so many ways. I couldn’t risk skipping breakfast, perhaps a late one but lunch time might be closer than my stomach can handle. 
Brunch, would be the perfect solution. 
Thanks to the invitation from Thirty8 that both Agnes and I get to enjoy ourselves at their Sunday Brunch buffet, on 38th floor overlooking the captivating scenery of Kuala Lumpur.
(again, I love reviews that do not require me to buzz the alarm) 
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Dining at Thirty8 with its 360 degrees unobstructed view of
Kuala Lumpur was great, but watching how those chefs in their open kitchen
preparing my customized order from fresh ingredients to piping hot dishes was
even better.  For one moment I felt like
I was in the set of Iron Chef but with very friendly chefs.  The dishes were then sent to my table without
any indication of numbering/area. After all, there were limited tables at
Thirty8 and it was all about getting personal.  
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
thirty8 buffet
There were 3 cuisines in general: Western, Chinese and
Now, the best thing about
being in buffet spread is to sample a bit of everything.
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
I adore beautiful texture of raw meat especially the
balanced layers of fat and flesh.  Still,
Thirty8 Japanese chefs did not excel as these sashimi pieces were the best I can
find from the selection. Keep the best on plate and let presentation do the
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
A simple photo that shows how well-trained their staffs are:
Realizing that the spoons were missing, the waiter brought us 2 spoons and
placed in 2 different directions in case we were to share.
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
Thirty8 buffet
Thirty8 grand hyatt
Thirty8 Brunch
Thirty8 grand hyatt
Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” sang by this little girl and
the live band certainly was the best highlight of the day.  
grand hyatt kl
Thirty8 KL
After meal dessert was inevitable. Though their macarons
have improved in terms of texture from my previous unfavorable review on
Thirty8 afternoon tea, I wish they would consider on lowering the sweetness
level too.
Thirty8 Grand Hyatt
Thirty8 Sunday Brunch
RM190++ per person inclusive of free flow juices
RM360++ per person inclusive of free flow liquor
Thirty8 Restaurant and Lounge
Grand Hyatt Hotel
12 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2182 1234