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Restoran Oz: Aussie Outback Roast Chicken and Fusion Cuisine

August 15, 2013
It was a random night at Ipoh when Jason suggested this restaurant with huge portion. Normally I don’t fancy of these kind of restaurants knowing that the quality might be a bit off to compromise with quantity for reasonable price.
Yet whatever that can pass Jason’s (the picky Ipohian) tongue test usually turned out to be not bad. 
 The hopping kangaroo with Aussie wording certainly helped those who may not understand the meaning of Oz as a slang for Australia.
Restoran Oz
A mix of Australia style between cowboy and tribal, decorated with koala bear and lots of roosters. 
As the theme suggests, it’s not hard to notice the cowboys (wearing the iconic hat) taking orders and even serving food. 
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
Coke with Float (Chocolate) RM4.90 (Left)

Honey Dew Fruit Juice RM4.00 (Right)

Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
ipoh pork
Gold Coast Pork Schnitzel RM15
Garlic pork fillet pan fried served with ratatouille sauce on a bed of tomato rice
ipoh food
While ratatouille means stewed vegetable dish and schnitzel is a boneless meat that fried along with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, they’ve made a perfect combination of crisp and moist. 
As a pork lover, I’m glad to see this on the menu because of its porky taste but I doubt its meat texture for such kind of fried steak as it might go very dry and ended up munching shoe leather. This schnitzel had no such problem, but it could be very risky in the wrong hand.
Restoran Oz
Outback Roast Chicken RM17.90
in Herbs Bread Sauce with German Potato Salad, Caesar Salad and Onion Rings as side dishes. 

“Quarter of the outback roast chicken served with a choice of sauces and 3 of your favorites choices”
Side dishes: Mashed Potatoes / Thick Fries / Fruity Coleslaw / Roast Potato / Rice / German Potato Salad / Caesar Salad / Onion Rings / Curry Potato n Pumpkin
Sauces: Blended Creamy Mushroom / Herbs Bread Sauce / Homemade Mayonnaise / Outback BBQ Sauce
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
It was good: chicken was tender, caesar salad done right with fresh romaine lettuce and crunchy crouton, skin potato salad with onion, crispy yet not too oily onion rings and even a bed of potato with herbs beneath the roasted chicken to absorb the remaining essence. Perhaps a wee bit more seasoning to make this dish a memorable one? 
Also, it would be better to have more side dish varieties for those who do not fond of potato.
Restoran Oz
Restoran Oz
No 26, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1D,
Medan Ipoh Bestari, Ipoh. 
12pm-3pm, 6pm-9pm
016-442 5472
  • The food looks good, and the prices are quite affordable. I like how they've served their Outback Roast Chicken with lots of side dishes!

  • oohhh i like their portion is huge with few side dishes 😀 price also berry reasonable le! 😀

  • Choi Yen

    The food was pretty decent for such price paid~

  • and very generous portion too!

  • Yummy yummy! 🙂

  • True! If only they open at KL. 🙂

  • msbulat

    this feels like a place guys would love to go. just a feeling hahaha

  • oh I totally understand! must be the big portion that draws their attention.

  • Daniel

    Boh jio

  • When we go Ipoh then we go lo xD