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Jeju Island: Tangerine Farm & Submarine Tour

October 8, 2012
Another peak period of wedding assignments, so pardon me if I’m unable to update as often. 
Continue the Jeju trip on Tangerine Farm after the lunch of yummy black pig meat!
Jeju Tangerine Farm
Thought that these were the real tangerines? Got tricked!
Tangerine harvest season is on fall every year, and since we went during spring, the farmer put up fake tangerine so that we could take photos of it. 
That’s how signature tangerine is to Jeju Island and famous in Korea as well.
Going in the retail shop to check out the real ones. 
(left) Gamgyul & (right) Hallabong
There were 2 types of tangerine here: Gamgyul & Hallabong
Gamgyul tangerines have thin rind with high sugar content. Cost 20,000KRW~40,000KRW for a 3-kg box (9 of them).
Hallabong on the other hand has protuding stem. A 3-kg box (8 of them) will cost around 30,000KRW~50,000KRW. 
Sakura blossom by the roadside.
View of Seongsan Ilchulbong.
Jeju Canola Flowers
Such beautiful and romantic scenery, suits best for couple. 
No wonder it is one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. 
Charges apply for photoshooting though.
Korea cars!
We actually wanted to go for Nanta, a popular South Korean musical.
Since it was fully booked, we opted for submarine tour as the guide suggested. 
Jeju Submarine 
Seongsanpo Integrated Passenger Terminal
Jeju Submarine
The submarine tour cost us 51,000 KRW (RM140) per person.
Better worth it!
Jeju Submarine
Jeju Submarine
This is definitely not the submarine. Duh!
We’re being transported to another port above the sea, from there, we went into the submarine.
Korea Flag
Jeju Submarine
Guide was explaining in fully Korean. 
I looked at him as if I would understand a single word. 
It was windy when we went there. 
Got a bit nauseous from the wavy sea. Almost cannot stand still on the ship.
Jeju Submarine
Jeju Coral Reef
Jeju ocean
It wasn’t as what we’ve thought: Beautiful corals with tiny fishes all over. 
The diver managed to lure those fishes around our windows… that another photographer inside the submarine can ask if we wanted a photo with the fishes. 
Jeju ocean
Like I can’t see these seaweeds inside the Korean soup.
Overall disappointed with the submarine tour. 
(Actually was kind of pain losing RM140 in this way.I’d rather get myself another abalone to eat.)
Jeju road
Jeju windmill
Jeju Island also known as 三多岛 (Island of three excessive) : Roaring Winds, Magnificent Rocks, and Scores of Women, which explained the existence of windmill on the island.