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Jeju Island: Food!

September 16, 2012
Due to its windy condition almost all year round, Jeju Island is also called the Windy Island.
We’ve been stucked at Gimpo Airport for 4 hours as the windy condition has gone really bad to the extend where most flights had to be cancelled/postponed.
It has turned into chaos at domestic airport, people were squeezing each other, all waiting for their turn to be on board.
Jeju Airport
At last, we’ve arrived at Jeju island!
Korea Restaurant
Since it was quite late, we were happy to find a restaurant nearby the hotel.
Korea Restaurant
Cheap korean food ranging from 3,500 KRW to 5,500 KRW, which is around RM9.50 to RM15.
Korea Restaurant
One thing I like about Korea:  
Water is easily available at any water dispenser, either in restaurants, airports or other public venues. 
Therefore drink bottle is essential for water refilling, save up the money instead of buying one water bottle, which cost at least 1,000 KRW, around RM3.
Korea Side Dishes
Korean side dishes, aka Banchan
Clockwise: Kimchi (fermented vegetables, napa cabbage), tofu, bean sprouts, Kimchi (fermented vegetables), leek, anchovies 

Korea Meal
Seaweed Rice Roll

Korea Food
Korea Meal
Pork Ribs Soup with rice

All of these only cost us 22,000 KRW (RM60) for 6 people.
Jeju Love Motel
The motel where we’ve spent 2 nights here.
100,000 KRW for 3 rooms (one 40,000 KRW, two 30,000 KRW), RM45 on average per person.
Korea Sakura
Mom always wanted to see sakura blossom, though sakura in Korea was white instead of pinkish like those in Japan.
The spring came later than what we’ve expected, so some of the flowers still in their bud.
Mom regretted for not taking the petals back for dry flower processing.
Jeju Bus Tour
Hired driver cum tour guide for 150,000 KRW (around RM408) for one day tour.
Jeju Island
Jeju Island
Jeju Island
Korea Restaurant
Brunch time!
Korea Restaurant
Korea Meal
Korea Meal
Grilled fish, Mackerel I guess?
If I’ve remembered correctly, this fish was around 8,000 KRW.
But definitely worth it, crispy yet succulent.
Korea Meal
Haemul ttukbaegi (Seafood Hot Pot)
with prawns, clams, mussels….
Jeju Abalone
This was my first time eating abalone still in its shell!
So fresh.
Korea Meal
Urchin too!
This seafood hot pot only cost 11,000 KRW, which is around RM30.
*Happiness of having luxury seafood came in affordable price*
  • Love the sakura photo! Coincidentally, I just had Korean food today XD Haha it's too bad I don't like seafood.

  • LOL, more floral photos to come 🙂

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  • Hi Yen!

    The cost for the driver was shared among 6 of us so it was about RM68/person/day. Having said so, the rate actually goes according to tour instead of per pax. Yes it was a private tour, so you can already imagine how spacious it was with only 6 of us in a bus. Sadly I didn't keep his contact as he was introduced by a random Chinese-speaking Korean lady.

    Hope you enjoy your travel at Jeju! 🙂