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Mae Taeng Elephant Park & Clinic: Elephant & Oxcart Ride

July 12, 2012
Continue from my previous post on Mae Taeng Elephant Park & Clinic: The Elephant Show.
We went on for elephant ride right after the elephant show.
So nervous as it was my first time riding an elephant!
Keep thinking whether will it be safe for me to ride on, will my camera just drop off to the ground and broke into half (OMG, worst case senario ever!) and so on…
By the way, the elephant is so smelly 😛
Mother and daughter elephants walking together

Can see a lot of dungs right? They walk and poop at the same time. Ewww~~

We were so terrified of going any inclining or declining ground as it feels like we were going to fall anytime soon. It wasn’t as secured as I thought it would be. Only a steel bar holding us from falling.
The elephant we were riding also keep shaking like drunken elephant. *panic*
It was so horrible, we’ve already planned that if the elephant is going back through the same path, we’d rather walk! 
The Mahout sitting in front will keep asking us politely at each pit stop if we would like feed the elephant.
and here’s what we were thinking:
“We’d better feed him to secure our safety!”  xD
Beautiful scenery along the path

If I can ever pay attention to this instead of grabbing the steel bar tightly to secure me and my camera, I would be enjoying this journey a lot more!
Switching to oxcart ride on our way back! 
So happy that the elephant ride was finally over! 
It lasted for 30 minutes,yet seems like forever to me. 
I was practically numb and felt that I’ve used a lot of energies grabbing the most important steel bar ever!
Nevertheless, it was really a good experience riding an elephant. 
Anyway, for the animal rights protector outside, you shouldn’t go for this elephant ride. 
Think about it, how can you control the elephant to walk where ever you want it to go?
Even the elephant I was riding almost deviates from the original path.  
The mahout was using an Ankusa, also known as elephant goad (a steel or bronze hook attached to a handle), and insert into its most sensitive skin, causing pain, thus induces the elephant to behave.
Furthermore, the ‘howdah’ (wooden/ steel chair) that we’ve sat on the elephant back are held in place with thick rope around its stomach and under its tail, which causes pain.
Oxcart Ride
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