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Khum Khantoke & Lantern

July 19, 2012
Upon arrival, an elephant statue’s there to welcome us.  It was the Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s
portrait behind the elephant. 
He is the world’s longest-reigning monarch (of 66
years) and age 84 years old now, yet the portrait was the younger him. The Thai
people love him so much where they could not accept the fact that the King’s
getting older by day. King Bhumibol Adulyadej is also a multi-talented
individual: painter, musician, photographer, author and translator. 
King Bhumibol Adulyadej with his camera at the back of 1000 Thai

Thai lady in traditional custome, performing traditional
Another Thai lady’s demonstrating fruit carving.
Never ever cross my mind that fruit can be such a
Entering the Khum Khantoke, a spacious hall built with teak.
Shoes must be removed before stepping in
as the decoration is of original materials and motifs only. Even the seating is
more of traditional, where we all just sit on cushions.
Then the staff bought in our drink and Khantoke ( a circular
wooden tray set on pedestal that serves as a table). 
However, our Khantoke is just
a circular wooden tray set without pedestal as we have already seated on wooden
These dishes are refillable upon request, eat until you are full!
The chili dip in the middle is called Nam Prik Noom, a green
pepper chili paste. 
The concept is almost similar with Ulam, where we dip the
raw vegetables at the side into the chili paste. 
Some comments on the net reviewed
that the food was good. I, as a Malaysian, surrounded by this food heaven,
would have to doubt so. 
Only one dish has passed my tongue test, which is the
Note: passing and getting an A is totally different!  
Another reason why Khum Khantoke is often occupied by
tourist is because of its Thai classical dance performance.  Classical orchestra (on stage) will begin to
accompany troupes of dancers, where they all dressed in gorgeous costumes.  These are authentic Northern Thailand dances,
which originated from the region’s history, literature and way of life.
All of the sudden, the dancers come to us holding a cake.
out that it was one of my colleague’s son’s birthday. 
What a surprise! 
arrangement by Khum Khantoke and our tour agency. *clap clap*
 Wish and let the sky lantern rise, high above, bringing all the hopes along. 
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