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Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

July 20, 2012
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is also known as walking street
market/weekend market/Sunday market.
It opens from 4pm to 10pm
on Sunday night only. 
This walking street market has a long whole stretch starts from Tapae Gate, along Ratchadamnoen Road.  This main street has been closed from traffic,
allowing only the locals and tourists. 
Different from the one at Chiang Rai, this night bazaar offers a real showcase of art and craftsmanship of the locals, like a bigger Central Market (the one at Pasar Seni). 
Before we were there, our tour guide has
warned us on the crowded situation. So we practically thought that it would be
somewhat like in Kuala Lumpur Night Bazaars: crowded, stuffy, suffocating,
people pushing each other that you are forced to go forward.  
Upon arrival, we just couldn’t believe our
Usually in the main street like this, Malaysian stalls would go for 4
rows: 2 at the sides, 2 in the middle. But in Thailand, only 2 rows at the sides,
making it much spacious! 
Yes, there were quite a big crowd, but I can still walk
around without anyone inside my comfort zone. 
I can stretch my hand to both
sides and say Hooray! 
That’s how spacious it is. 
There was wind blowing along
the main street, breezy and cool.
 Best night market experience ever!
 In fact,
writing this post now just makes me want to go back.
Postcards stall, 20 Baht each. 
Some of the postcards are of Sky
Lantern festival in Thailand, also known as Yi Peng (26th-29th November
for year 2012, according to Lanna’s calendar).
Frame with coke decorations.
Mango Sticky Rice for 35 Baht.  
Cannot beat the one at Chiang Rai Night Bazaar!

Another thing I love about Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the cleanliness.
Other stalls will collect the rubbish for you after you have done your eating or drinking.
So no littering on the floor, rubbish free night bazaar!

Old folks performing classical Thai music.
These handicrafts are all made by locals.
3D doraemon paper craft! So cute~
Other characters in 3D paper craft: Stitch (blue), Stitch (pink),
Hello Kitty, One Piece,  Keroro……
(cont)…. Spongebob, Angry Birds, even Shin Chan’s dog!
Just cut and glue!
Handmade notebooks with cloth cover, handmade dream catchers.
Natural dyed colour of tablecloth, scarf and shawl.
First time seeing match boxes for sell. They are unique by
the way.
CDs of classical Thai music.
Hand painted umbrellas.
I have no idea what are these for, but they are so cute
Going environmental friendly by drawing on tablet? 
Together with our tour guide, Mr Kevin.
Best tour guide I’ve ever had!
This wrap up my journey to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai,
Another trip to Hat Yai on Dec this year. 
Hope you won’t get bored of
Thailand. 😛
Enough with travel for now, fashion is up next:
MODA 22nd
Anniversary with Samsung!