Ben’s @Suria KLCC

July 31, 2012
We’ve heard a lot about Ben’s and the BIG group, and now it is our time to try it out.
Yay for the Sunday lunch! Else we’ll have to queue up on weekdays.
(Seen the long queue on weekdays, definitely have to avoid it) 
To Eat is To Love
Inspired by great memories shared over meals, we believe in building relationships through food, thus “To Eat is To Love”
Ben's Menu
Ben’s Menu

Ben's Chicken Vege Soup
Hearty Chicken & Vegetable Soup 
(with parmesan crisp and garlic toast)

Ben's Pasta Mushroom Mascarpone
Wild Mushroom Spaghettini with Mascarpone 
(with lemon zest & truffle oil)
Ben's Cheese Burger
Ben’s Cheeseburger on Sesame Seed Bun
(with cheddar slices & french fries)

Ben's Cheese Burger
Served with a side salad for every sandwiches.
Ben's Cheese Burger
Ben's Interior
Ben's Decoration
Ben's Recipe
Ben’s lovely little recipe cards.
Ben's Conversation Topics
Ben’s little cards on conversation topics.
Love the sentence “Stop looking at your phone and give your fingers a break”.
Chatted on topics we’ve never thought of:
 “What would you do if you were the opposite sex for 24 hours?”, “If you could do something nobody would ever find out, what would it be?”, “What do you spend most of your money on?” …….
Ben's Interior
Ben’s has made me a very happy customer indeed!
Head on to Ben’s Website for menu and pricing.
There are 3 branches of Ben’s which you can visit: Pavilion, Suria KLCC, Publika.