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Chiang Rai: Night Bazaar (part 2)

June 27, 2012
Let me be frank, it is impossible to hold myself from eating street food,
especially at Night Bazaar. 
I would buy all those street food from the
beginning of the pasar malam to the end, without even thinking whether I am
capable of stuffing all that into my stomach.
It’s more like “pasar-malam-buffet”, except that it’s not fixed price,
which would usually drill a hole in my wallet.
To me, Street Food basically reflects the eating culture of that particular
country. If you don’t try it, you have never been there. 

(From left to right) Strawberries, Quail Eggs, Mango Sticky Rice
Quail Eggs? 8 in a serving? You must be kidding me!
I cannot imagine how high my cholesterol level will shoot up to if I ever
eat it. Skip!

I was a bit skeptical on this, fruit and plain rice just doesn’t go nice together
*imagining durian and white rice*
Until I have tried Mango Sticky Rice (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง, kâao nĭeow má-mûang)!
Thailand produces one of the best mangos around, nothing new, everyone knows that.
The ripe Mango was very sweet, without a single taste of sour. 
Sticky Rice was perfect: well cooked, but not too dry, a bit sweet.
Coconut Milk added fragrant into it, and also acting as “lubricant” for smoother intake. 
Salted Fried Mung Beans is crunchy, with a little salty taste.
Combination of them all? HEAVENLY!
And it only cost 30 Baht (RM3).
 Note: We tried the one at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, not as “Hallelujah” as this.   

Tried to find some recipes online, this is by far seem to be closest with what
I had:
Sweet Thai Crepe (ขนมเบื้อง, kà-nŏm
Small thin crisp crepes folded and filled with cream and a kind of sugar
Only 15 pieces for 20
Didn’t get to try this. 
Need no introduction as already very
7 pieces for 30 Baht.
Didn’t get to try.
Banana Pancake Treat (โรตีกล้วย, roh-dtee glûay)
To describe it easily, it’s Roti Canai Telur + Pisang (Egg and Banana Roti
Canai) , topped with condensed milk and sprinkled with sugar.
It was too sweet and too oily! Immediately run away after one bite!
Then I saw these puppies inside the cages.
One puppy cost 2000 baht, that’s only about RM200. 
The puppies here look inactive and tired. 
Cutest creature ever!
Had one thought in my mind that split second: Take it home! Take it home!
I almost wanted to open the cage, pick that puppy out, and pay her in cash!
But it was not alone; many thoughts came in after that.
Mom wouldn’t agree having pet at home.
How can I get it through the custom? The procedure must be tedious.
I never had a pet before, would I kill him accidentally? L
(p.s. I even killed cactus, tried many times, none survived.)
That horrible thought stopped me from thinking any further. 
I had to bid
goodbye to the love puppy. 
Thailand Tuk Tuk
Dokkaew Thai Traditional Massage
Ending the day with the famous Thai Massage.
2 Hours for 400 Baht (RM40), cheap eh?
Oh ya, you have to give extra 40 Baht as tips. 🙂

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