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Chiang Rai: Night Bazaar (part 1)

June 25, 2012
 Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is not big in size, but good enough for a relaxing walk after a very contented dinner. Plus, it is a pleasant outdoor shopping experience.
The bazaar sets up around 5pm and runs through until around 10:30pm.

Center Point Night Bazaar
At the center of the Bazaar there is an open air food court (Center Point Night Bazaar) featuring many Thai favorites as well as a stage where live dance and music performances are put on each night.

Akha Handicrafts
Hilltribe handicrafts, sell by the Akha. Fabrics, needlework, silver, and beads are at low prices.
Carved Soap Flower
I cannot imagine these love flowers are actually carved from soap! Such an artwork.
After carving and painting, it was being put inside a handmade painted wooden box.
They offered me 250 Baht (around RM25 each for a medium size), we managed to bargain until 220 Baht (around RM22) just to realize that it was only selling for 100 Baht each at other places.
Talking about a rip-off here!
As a friendly reminder: Please buy the carved soap flower (medium size) at 100 Baht only.
(However, some might not be as detailed. Be careful while you make your purchase.)
Handmade Jellies

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  • msbulat

    Hahaha i recalled seeing the same flower soap at koh Samui, opening price was around 200++ baht too. Dint get it cus I thought it was too exp. But it was reallyyy pretty. Handmade chocs is new to me though !

  • I thought 200++ Baht was quite reasonable for handicraft. Didn't know that I can get much cheaper! xD

    Oops! It was supposed to be Handmade jelly. 

  • The place looks interesting and the soap flowers looked lovely!

  • yes indeed. Still not too late for a Thailand trip. 

  • nicely taken shots wor. .  

    eh, i also want to join you outdoor shooting.. nicee~ 😀

  • Thank you 🙂

    Come come add me at Facebook: dean_chan316 "at"
    Then we can go outdoor shooting together 🙂

    Psst! You have a new blog follower.

  • efae

    the handmade jellies r very cute ^^ r they the eatable type or candle jellies?

  • Yes, they are edible 🙂

    But it's too cute I don't think I can eat them 😛