Afternoon Tea @Delicious Mid Valley

May 25, 2012
So we went for afternoon tea @Delicious Mid Valley.
This was my first time having afternoon tea!

The “Afternoon Tea for Two” includes:

– 3 Scones
– 2 Cups of Tea
– 2 Strawberry Chocolate Dip
– A Slice of Cake of Your Choice
– 3 Rosemary & Cheese Cookies
– 2 Duck Confit Tarts in Filo Pastry
– 2 Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles
– 6 Assortment of Finger Sandwiches
for RM59.90++

Have a cup of tea while waiting.
This was my first time having afternoon tea of triple tiered tray.
We actually ordered this to take photos! There I said it.
I love this finger sandwich of egg and black caviar!
Duck Confit Tart in Filo Pastry
Like the texture of filo pastry, not so much for the duck confit.

Assortment of Finger Sandwiches
Never thought that there would be salmon in one of the sandwiches.
Agnes does not like seafood, so I took hers also.
Sashimi salmon to go with wholemeal bread? Nah!
(from left to right)
Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles, Scones, Rosemary & Cheese Cookies
Cannot finish the chocolate truffles, the texture is too thick and too rich. 
Tips to eat scone from Agnes:
1) Cut it into half
2) Spread cream and strawberry all over
3)Eat it! 
Just as the restaurant name – Delicious!
Agnes has chose Macadamia Cheesecake topped with Crunchy Macadamia Nut Brittle & Caramel as cake of the choice.
It was too thick (Duh! It’s cheesecake).
Thank you Agnes for holding this!
We did not expect the portion to be so big that both of us sat for 3 hours yet we cannot finish every single piece.
Well, at least we get to chat for 3 hours. 😛
During that period, people keep looking at our tray and asked if they can take photos,how to order and so on.
“Hey, we were the superstars!”said the triple tiered tray with afternoon set instead of Agnes and Cheryl. 😛

Delicious Café

  • Lol finally you've posted these photos!

    We should go for tea more often 😀

  • Yes! after 4 months later 😛
    We should! Try Ben's?