Chanel No 5: Le Baudruchage

April 29, 2012
Thank you Agnes for inviting me to this Le Baudruchage event by Chanel.
See her post here.
This event was held at the concourse level, KLCC.

Video of Le Baudruchage being played at the main screen.
Baudruchage is a technique perform entirely by hand to seal the bottles for air and water tight.
It also makes the product tamper-proof, so one can see that the bottle has never been opened.
In fact, this is a tradition of excellence. 
However, this technique has gradually disappeared with the advent of screw-on tops. 
The person performing this technique is called baudrucheuse. 
An expert baudrucheuse is able to apply 100 baudruchages an hour.
While there are 8 baudrucheuses at Chanel, we are lucky being able to witness Madame Sylvie Gavet demonstrate this art in person.
First, placing a fine membrane of  natural origin, called “Baudruche”, over the neck of the bottle and holding it in place with two rows of black or white pearl-cotton thread.
The thread is wound once around the upper part of neck of  the bottle, twice around the lower part. 
Then excess thread is cut off using scissors. 
Finally, a wax seal is placed centrally at the neck of the bottle and Chanel double C is being stamped. 
This process was done twice.
Free goodie bag from Chanel.
This L’Univers Des Perfums event at concourse level is to celebrate the opening of the new chanel espace parfum at Level 1, KLCC.
  • Ooo you got a clear shot of the baudrucheuse holding the bottle!

    Wonder what other events Chanel will have next 😀

  • LOL~Just being lucky that my Auto Focus was functioning!

    I wonder that too…a runway invitation maybe? *day-dreaming*